In the Winter of 2005, I doodled around and somehow ended up drawing a penguin. I have no memories of what came first, the idea or the drawing, but eventually I imagined a character who would be a penguin with depression, living in Antarctica. That penguin would bear the name Gwendoline, even though he was a boy - and that's a slight tribute to Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue".

This series has 28 strips and a couple of loners. It was my very first strip, and that's why it's not too awesome in the visual area; I was trying to do better than I could. Noble intent, but good intentions don't make good results without actual skills.

Since I discontinued the strip a while ago, it's very fragmentary and doesn't link up as smoothely as originally planned. I made strips from this or that point of the plot, thinking I'd eventually fill all the gaps, but then I realised this was a bad strip and nobody cared, so I stopped. Looking back on it now, I still find it worth viewing, but my lack of drawing skills really hurts. It's all right though, one has to start somewhere.

Antarctica Asylum was made with very simple means: a fountain pen and colour-pencils. I liked to colour with those pencils, it gave the drawing a child-like style that indeed fit my drawing skills. The background colours are always connected to the place where the strip is set; for instance, green is doctorly things like the inside of the hospital, a doctor's office, etc; while purple is for dreams, brownish is for home, etc. I did not explore everything I wanted to do with this strip, and I still have a ton of ideas for it written down somewhere in my notebooks, but I will probably never use them. For what it's worth, I hope you will enjoy my first little stuttering steps in strippery.

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